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"Empowering People. Strengthening Communities."

Buy cool stuff! Support artists! Support Nonprofits and Community-based Initiatives!



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You Are Appreciated!

We offer unique designs on products you want and need.  Through eCommerce, we provide opportunities for our customers to impact the community and support organizations and individuals specializing in social and environmental development by purchasing sponsored products.  Each purchase of a sponsored product results in a predetermined donation to that organization or individual.  We are a socially conscious business which operates under JFK's simple and well-known philosophy:

"The rising tide lifts all the boats."

We believe we have the social responsibility to support the communities that support us.

Support a Sponsor!

Angels' Tender, LLC has chosen to sponsor World Central Kitchen in our initial launch of our fundraising services. One of our most precious missions is to allow unlimited, untethered fundraising opportunities for organizations, or individuals, who dedicate their time and resources to creating a better society and a better world.  Cindy, CEO of Angels' Tender, selected WCK because, "They are passionate about what they do. They do a fantastic job, and what they do is very important."  We believe World Central Kitchen's team are angels; and, so, we have chosen a collection of items to represent them as such. Every sponsored angel item purchased will result in a specific dollar donation to WCK. Visit the World Central Kitchen page, by clicking "Shop the Collection" below, to view all items involved in this campaign. Thank you, World Central Kitchen, for what you do. Thank you to all those who help support WCK's efforts. We love you and you are appreciated!

World Central Kitchen

Created by José Andrés, WCK is first to the frontlines, providing fresh meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. Each purchase in this collection goes to support World Central Kitchen's efforts.

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