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Order Processing, Shipping & Returns Policies

Order Processing and Shipping Policy:

Once an order is placed, it can take 1-4 days to process the payment. Once the payment has been processed, shipping will occur. Shipping is a flat rate based on a total (cart) price range (see table below) and can take between 7-30 business days to deliver depending on delivery destination.  We currently only offer shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

  • To U.S.: Shipping cost starts at $6.00 for orders under $50, $10 for orders between $50 and $100, and free shipping for orders over $100. 

  • To Canada: Shipping costs starts at $10 for orders under $50 and adding an additional $5 for every $30 over $50. Orders over $500 have a maximum $100 shipping charge.

Returns Policy:

To qualify for free and full exchanges or refunds, a product defect or issue must be reported within 7 days of product delivery with the appropriate accompanying evidence of the defect or issue.

Standard Steps to Successfully Request a Free Exchange or Full Refund

  • All requests for an exchange or refund due to defective or damaged products must include a clear photograph, or video, of the damage.

    • The product should be laid out on a flat surface so that the issue or defect is clearly visible in a single frame.

  •  The photograph or video must be attached and emailed to

  •  Write “Exchange,” if you are requesting an equal exchange, or “Refund,” (if you are requesting a full refund) in the subject field of the email.

  • The email must include a detailed description of the defect or issue.

  • The email must include the order number (or itemized receipt) and date of purchase for identification of the purchase.

  • The email must include contact information and preferences in case we need to contact you for further information or instruction.

  • If the product is determined to be defective and evidence clearly supports your claim, a free exchange or full refund will be approved and you will be instructed on how and where to return the item.

    • Returns will be at our Expense if the free exchange/full refund has been approved.


Listed below are acceptable reasons to request an exchange or refund and additional steps, if any, needed to meet the full exchange/refund standard and make the request successfully.

  • Received a product with poor print quality.

  • Received defective product.

  • Print placement is not within acceptable variation tolerance. Print placement is the wrong area (distance from collar, off-center, etc.)

    • Acceptable variation tolerance for adult garments is +/- 1”.

    • Acceptable variation tolerance for baby clothing is +/- 0.5”.

    • Minor variations in the placement of the print will not be considered as defects.

    • A clear photograph of the product laid on a flat surface where the incorrect placement is shown with a ruler or measuring tape (single frame) is necessary for successful exchange/refund request.

  • Wrong product was received (incorrect size, brand, quality).

    • A clear photograph showing the size tag and proof the wrong product (single frame) was sent.

    • For wrong size (manufacturer defect): A clear photo of the received product being measured according to the measurements provided in the catalog’s size chart. Both the print and the measurement should be clearly visible, and the garment should be laid on a flat surface.

  • An issue with an electronic device (manufacturer’s defect).

    • A video or photo, where the issue is clearly visible or shown, and demonstrating the troubleshooting steps being performed.

  • Delivery-related product damage.

    • If the product arrives in damaged packaging, before opening to inspect the product, take a picture of the packaging clearly showing the damage and shipping label. (“To be safe photograph” proving the packaging was damaged before you opened it.)

    • After opening the package, if you find the product has been damaged, take another picture of the product and the shipping container (single frame) with the damage and print design are clearly visible. Email all pictures taken.


Please note that a free exchange or full refund is not offered in these cases:

  • Lost orders with an incorrect delivery address provided by the customer.

  • Products that were received as requested; however, the customer wishes to have another size/color instead. Returns and exchanges may not be supported if you ordered the wrong size, color, or simply changed your mind.


In cases where a free exchange or full refund cannot successfully be met, we may offer the customer full or partial in-store credit. The customer has 20 days from the date of delivery to report a defect or issue and still qualify for a full or partial in-store credit. Defects or issues reported after 7 days will only qualify for a store credit.

Lost packages

In case the package has been lost, first check your order to ensure the address entered was correct. Even a single missing letter or number can cause a delivery failure. If the address is correct, please contact your local post office. Occasionally, a package can be held up or stored at the local post office and must be collected from there. The post office may be able to help track the delivery and tell you when it will arrive.

If the address entered was correct, and the post office was contacted and the package was not located, email us at and we will investigate it further and offer a free replacement if we determine that is applicable and appropriate for the situation due to the loss being no fault of the customer.

If the customer, in error, labeled the delivery with the wrong address, causing the package to be undeliverable, AND the package is automatically returned to us marked as “undeliverable” or “return to sender” or “not at this address,” the customer will receive a replacement but will be charged for reshipping. If the customer does not want the replacement, a partial refund will be administered.


Returning orders


Orders may or may not be required to be returned in order to qualify for an exchange, refund or store credit. Whether the product/s must be returned will be determined on an individual basis based on the defect or issue. If Angels’ Tender requires the order be returned to qualify for the exchange, refund, or store credit, we will pay the cost of the return. However, the exchange, refund, or store credit will not be issued until the defective products have been returned and received by Angels’ Tender.

Thank You!

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