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"The rising tide lifts all the boats."

- John F. Kennedy (Oct 1963)

The Problems with Typical Fundraising Programs

  • Takes time, effort, and energy away from what you want to do.

  • Limited duration (usually weeks).

  • Limited frequency (usually once a year).

  • Limited reach (usually very localized).
  • ​Produces limited results due to all its limitations.

  • Requires that you ask, sometimes beg, people for money.

Wouldn't it be great to eliminate all these problems? Wouldn't it be great to have a fundraising campaign that:

  • Requires little time, effort, or energy to run? Maybe a couple of hours.

  • Can last for weeks, months, or years? It's up to you to choose how long it runs.

  • Can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year? It doesn't require supervision.

  • Can reach every citizen in every U.S. state plus Canada? It's on the internet.

  • Can create a fundraising machine without time and reach limitations? It never sleeps and will go as far as you let it.

  • Can relieve you of the need to ask or beg everyone you know for money? You could ask, but you don't have to.

Wouldn't that fundraising program be great?! Well, good news. That program is great and it is right here.

Abstract Painting
Colorful Circles

How our fundraising program works.

  1. You reach out to us using one of the applications linked below. *Individuals not associated with a nonprofit organization will use the "Individual" application (intended for people experiencing hardships).

  2. We review your application and reach out to schedule a conversation to discuss your qualifications for the service, request necessary verification documentation, and go over your fundraising needs and goals.

    • Who qualifies? Non-profit organizations, schools, teachers, or any organization or individual looking to raise funds for a cause deemed worthy by Angels' Tender management.

    • What makes a cause worthy? Community development, environmental protection, the empowerment of individuals in a community, and more.

    • Who wouldn't qualify? Individuals looking to earn some extra cash. For earning opportunities, as an artist or designer, please see our Designer Opportunities page. For earning opportunities as a Marketing Partner, please see our Marketing Partner Opportunities page.

  3. If you or your organization qualifies for the service, we will present you with several options of designs you can sponsor, or we will assign one of our artists to create a design specific to your needs, organization, goals, and ideals. You may also exercise the option to create your own design.

  4. We assign you as a sponsor to the design or designs you've chosen which will be used on products.

  5. We offer those products on our website and, each time one of your sponsored products sells, you raise a specified and agreed-upon dollar amount.

  6. If you would like, you can choose to spread the word amongst your friends and colleagues or you can just let the internet do its thing. When requested, Angels' Tender will provide marketing materials to assist your campaign at no cost to you or your organization.

  7. The best part is that it costs only a small portion of your time. No money.


Focus on doing the things that you do best. Focus on your own objectives and changing the world in your own way. Just sit back and let the money come in. 

Got questions? Want to know more?  Reach out via our Contact Us form and we will be happy to answer your questions and go into greater detail about our fundraising program. We look forward to hearing from you.

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